How to Change Aussie Broadband WiFi Name?

How to Change Aussie Broadband WiFi Name

In the digital age, where our lives are intricately intertwined with technology, WiFi has become a crucial part of our everyday existence. The name of your WiFi network, also known as the SSID (Service Set Identifier), is what distinguishes it from others. While Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often provide default names, changing your WiFi name to something more personalized can be a fun and creative endeavor. This article will guide you through the process of changing your Aussie Broadband WiFi name, offering insights into the reasons behind it, its benefits, step-by-step instructions, security considerations, and more.

Reasons to Change WiFi Name

Your WiFi name is like a digital signature for your home network. People often change it for various reasons. It could be as simple as wanting to give your network a unique touch or something more practical like enhancing security by not revealing your ISP information. Additionally, changing your WiFi name can be a conversation starter, reflecting your personality or interests.

Benefits of Personalized WiFi Names

Having a personalized WiFi name goes beyond mere aesthetics. It can foster a sense of ownership over your network and create a welcoming environment for guests. Moreover, an engaging WiFi name can bring a smile to someone’s face, making your network more memorable.

Step-by-Step Guide: Changing Aussie Broadband WiFi Name

Accessing Router Settings

To begin, open a web browser and type in your router’s IP address. You can usually find this information on the router itself or in the user manual.

Locating WiFi Name Option

Once you’re logged into the router’s interface, navigate to the wireless settings section. Here, you’ll find an option related to your WiFi network name.

Choosing a New Name

Select a new name that reflects your personality or interests. Remember to keep it friendly and avoid using any sensitive personal information.

Applying Changes

After entering the new WiFi name, save or apply the changes. Your router will need a moment to update, after which your new WiFi name will be active.

Tips for Creating an Engaging WiFi Name

Crafting an engaging WiFi name involves creativity and wit. Consider puns, references to pop culture, or inside jokes that resonate with your family and friends.

While changing your WiFi name is fun, remember to maintain strong security settings. Update your network password and enable encryption to keep unwanted guests at bay.

WiFi names often spark conversations and laughter. They can reflect your sense of humor or your favorite TV shows, creating a sense of community among neighbors.


Changing your Aussie Broadband WiFi name is a simple yet creative way to personalize your home network. It adds a touch of uniqueness and reflects your personality, all while enhancing the overall WiFi experience. Remember to balance creativity with security to ensure a seamless and safe network.


  1. Can I change my WiFi name to anything I want? Yes, you have the freedom to choose any WiFi name that adheres to your ISP’s guidelines and is respectful.
  2. Will changing the WiFi name affect my Internet speed? No, changing the WiFi name won’t impact your Internet speed. However, regular router maintenance can optimize performance.
  3. Can I change the WiFi name on my smartphone? No, the WiFi name change is done through the router’s settings on a web browser.
  4. Will my devices disconnect after changing the WiFi name? Yes, you’ll need to reconnect your devices using the new WiFi name and password.
  5. Can I change the WiFi name without a password? It’s recommended to have a password for your WiFi network to ensure its security. Changing the name alone doesn’t require a password.

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