How to clear bgp session on cisco router?

How to clear bgp session on cisco router

Have you ever encountered network issues that seemed to stem from a misbehaving BGP session on your Cisco router? Fear not, as we’re here to guide you through the process of clearing BGP sessions effectively, restoring network stability and ensuring seamless communication between routers.

How to clear bgp session on cisco router?

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s quickly recap the fundamentals. BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, is the protocol that makes the internet’s complex web of networks possible. BGP sessions are the channels through which routers exchange routing information. These sessions come in two flavors: external (eBGP) and internal (iBGP), and their synchronization is crucial for reliable routing.

Common Reasons for Clearing BGP Sessions

Like any networking component, BGP sessions occasionally require a little nudge to function optimally. Maintenance, configuration changes, and route instability can all necessitate a session reset.

Methods to Clear BGP Sessions

Clearing a BGP session might sound daunting, but Cisco routers offer straightforward commands to get the job done. The “clear ip bgp” command is your go-to tool. Whether you’re targeting a specific neighbor or all sessions at once, this command does the trick. Just be prepared for a brief interruption in communication as the session reestablishes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clearing BGP Session on a Cisco Router

  1. Access the Command-Line Interface: Connect to your Cisco router’s CLI through SSH, Telnet, or a console cable.
  2. Identify the BGP Session: Use the “show ip bgp summary” command to list active BGP sessions and identify the one causing trouble.
  3. Clear the Session: Execute the appropriate “clear ip bgp” command, specifying the IP address of the neighbor or “all” to clear all sessions.
  4. Verification: Confirm that the session has been cleared using the “show ip bgp summary” command again.


In the intricate world of networking, a well-maintained BGP session is the backbone of a stable and responsive network. Armed with the knowledge of how to clear BGP sessions on a Cisco router, you’re better equipped to tackle issues head-on, ensuring that communication between routers flows as smoothly as the data they carry.

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