How to Connect Dahua DVR to Wi-Fi Router with Cable?

How to Connect Dahua DVR to Wi-Fi Router with Cable

Modern technology has empowered us to monitor our surroundings effectively through security systems like Dahua DVRs. Taking it a step further, you can enhance convenience and accessibility by connecting your Dahua DVR to a Wi-Fi router.

How to Connect Dahua DVR to Wi-Fi Router with Cable?

Dahua DVRs are powerful surveillance devices that capture and store footage from connected cameras. While traditionally connected via cables, enabling Wi-Fi connectivity offers greater flexibility. Wi-Fi connectivity frees your Dahua DVR from the constraints of physical cables. This means you can place your DVR anywhere within the Wi-Fi range without worrying about cable limitations.

Step-by-Step Guide To Connect Dahua DVR to Wi-Fi Router

Step 1: Connect DVR to Router via Cable

Begin by connecting your Dahua DVR to your router using an Ethernet cable. This temporary wired connection is essential for the initial setup.

Step 2: Access DVR Settings

Using a computer or smartphone connected to the same network, access the Dahua DVR’s settings through a web browser or dedicated software.

Step 3: Configure Network Settings

Within the DVR’s settings, navigate to the network configuration section. Here, you will set the DVR’s IP address to match your router’s subnet.

Step 4: Scanning for Available Networks

Once the IP address is configured, disconnect the Ethernet cable. The DVR will now scan for available Wi-Fi networks.

Step 5: Enter Wi-Fi Credentials

Select your desired Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the Wi-Fi password. This step establishes the connection between your DVR and router.

Step 6: Confirm Connection

After entering the credentials, the DVR will attempt to establish a Wi-Fi connection. Once successful, the DVR will display its assigned IP address.


Connecting your Dahua DVR to your Wi-Fi router offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility in surveillance. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this guide, you can ensure a seamless connection that enhances your security experience.

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