How to Connect My Eufy Vacuum to WiFi?

How to Connect My Eufy Vacuum to WiFi

In the era of smart devices, convenience takes center stage. Your Eufy vacuum, known for its efficiency in keeping your floors clean, can elevate its functionality by connecting it to WiFi.

Before diving into the setup process, let’s grasp the significance of this connection. When you connect your Eufy vacuum to WiFi, it transforms from a standard cleaning tool to a smart assistant that you can control and monitor remotely. Imagine the convenience of scheduling cleaning sessions while you’re away or receiving status updates on the cleaning progress.

How to Connect My Eufy Vacuum to WiFi?

WiFi connectivity brings a host of benefits to your Eufy vacuum. You can control and customize cleaning schedules, receive real-time notifications, and even direct your vacuum to specific areas that need attention. This connection bridges the gap between manual and automated cleaning, allowing you to manage your home’s cleanliness effortlessly.

Checking Compatibility and Requirements

To embark on this Wi-Fi-connected journey, ensure that your Eufy vacuum model supports WiFi connectivity. Also, make sure you have a stable WiFi network at home and a smartphone with the EufyHome app installed.

Preparing Your Eufy Vacuum for WiFi Connection

Before diving into the setup, ensure your Eufy vacuum is fully charged and powered on. Charging ensures that the vacuum has enough energy to go through the connection process without interruptions.

Connecting Eufy Vacuum to WiFi: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Power On and Charge Your Vacuum

Start by powering on your Eufy vacuum and ensuring it’s fully charged. A well-charged vacuum streamlines the setup process.

Step 2: Download and Install the EufyHome App

Search for the EufyHome app on your smartphone’s app store. Download and install it to proceed with the setup.

Step 3: Create or Log In to Your Eufy Account

Open the app and create a new Eufy account or log in if you already have one. This account will be the hub for managing your WiFi-connected vacuum.

Step 4: Add a Device in the EufyHome App

In the app, locate the “Add Device” option and select your vacuum model from the list of available devices.

Step 5: Select Your Vacuum Model

Choose your specific vacuum model from the list to ensure accurate instructions during the setup process.

Step 6: Put Your Vacuum in Pairing Mode

Follow the app’s instructions to put your vacuum in pairing mode. This mode enables it to communicate with your smartphone.

Step 7: Connect to Your Home WiFi Network

The app will guide you through connecting your vacuum to your home WiFi network. Provide the necessary details, including your WiFi password, to complete the process.

Troubleshooting WiFi Connection Issues

Issue 1: Incorrect WiFi Password

Double-check the WiFi password you entered. Even a single character off can prevent successful connection.

Issue 2: WiFi Signal Weakness

Ensure that your vacuum is within the range of your WiFi router. A weak signal can lead to connectivity problems.

Issue 3: App Connectivity Problems

Restart the app or your smartphone if you encounter app-related issues during the setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I connect my Eufy vacuum to a 5GHz WiFi network? Most Eufy vacuums support only 2.4GHz networks for connectivity.
  2. Can I control my vacuum when I’m not at home? Yes, as long as your smartphone has an internet connection, you can control your vacuum remotely.
  3. Can I set up multiple cleaning schedules for different days? Absolutely, the app allows you to customize cleaning schedules for each day of the week.
  4. Does my vacuum need to be on the same floor as the WiFi router? While it’s ideal, as long as the WiFi signal reaches the vacuum, it can connect from different floors.
  5. Can I name my vacuum for easier identification in the app? Yes, giving your vacuum a personalized name can make management more convenient.


In a world where technology transforms daily chores, connecting your Eufy vacuum to WiFi is a game-changer. With the power to control and monitor your vacuum from anywhere, you’re in command of a cleaner, smarter home. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and embrace the efficiency and convenience of a WiFi-connected Eufy vacuum.

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